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REAL FRUIT Danish Pastries are a new concept developed by Mette Munk A/S. The fruit fillings in Mette Munk REAL FRUIT danish pastries are made by a unique new process where the berries and fruits are neither boiled or cooked and no artificial flavours or colourings are added. The fresh berries and fruits are mixed together with sugar into a natural and pure filling that you can taste, smell and see the difference!


REAL FRUIT Danish Pastries

REAL FRUIT Danish Pastries are a natural new fruitfilling developed by Mette Munk. In a unique process we mix fresh berries and fruits with sugar into a clean, natural fruitfilling with:

– No added color
– No added aroma
– No modified starch

You get the clean, natural taste of the fresh berries and fruits. You can taste, see and smell the difference!


REAL FRUIT assortment:

Raspberry Crown
Mini Raspberry Crown
Apple Crown
Mini Apple Crown